Shaker Kitchen

The Elegant Combination of Traditional and Contemporary

Kitchen Renovation Features:

Project Requirements

This open-plan Shaker-style kitchen deftly combines traditional design elements with modern functionality. The centerpiece of the space is a composite undermount sink, elegantly paired with a recessed draining board, which merges seamlessly into the work surface for a sleek, clean look. The sink area is further enhanced by the convenience of a Fohen boiling hot water tap, providing immediate access to hot water and simplifying tasks like cooking and tea-making.

The cabinetry, crafted with stone-coloured solid ash doors, embodies the timeless appeal of Shaker design – known for its simplicity, functionality, and quality craftsmanship. These doors contribute to the kitchen’s overall serene and harmonious aesthetic, which perfectly complements the open-plan layout.

This layout allows for a spacious, airy feel, promoting easy movement and social interaction within the kitchen space. The thoughtful integration of traditional Shaker elements with contemporary conveniences results in a kitchen that is both charmingly classic and adeptly suited to modern living.

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