Shaker Kitchen

The Timeless Traditional Style in the Present

Kitchen Renovation Features:

Project Requirements

This kitchen renovation seamlessly blends luxury materials with functional design. The use of Quartz worktops provides a durable, high-quality surface that’s both visually appealing and practical for everyday use. A standout feature is the clad-on sink made from the same quartz material, featuring a gunmetal sink bottom that adds a touch of industrial chic to the space. This is complemented by a recessed draining board, ensuring functionality is as much a priority as style.

The cabinetry, a mix of Marine and Stone-colored solid ash doors, offers a striking contrast that’s both contemporary and timeless, aligning perfectly with the kitchen’s overall aesthetic. A pull-out bin is cleverly integrated into the design, enhancing the kitchen’s practicality without disrupting its sleek lines.

Central to the layout is a well-proportioned kitchen island, offering additional workspace and acting as a natural gathering spot. This kitchen beautifully marries robust materials and thoughtful design, creating a space that’s not only a delight to cook and dine in but also a visually stunning area of the home.

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