Shaker Kitchen

The Timeless Traditional Style in the Present

Kitchen Renovation Features:

Project Requirements

In this kitchen renovation, the design artfully combined classic elegance with modern practicality. The foundation of the space was set with durable Quartz worktops, featuring expertly crafted draining grooves that blended seamlessly with the overall design. These worktops were further enhanced by the inclusion of pantry towers directly on them, offering convenient and ample storage while maintaining the kitchen’s streamlined aesthetic.

A traditional ceramic Belfast sink added a touch of timeless charm, contrasting beautifully with the light grey solid ash doors that gave the kitchen a contemporary, yet warm feel. The skirting board plinth across the cabinetry ensured a polished and cohesive look, tying together the kitchen’s various elements.

Curved units were a key design feature, softening the space with their gentle contours and adding an element of bespoke craftsmanship. The kitchen’s historical character was preserved and highlighted by a recessed extractor within the chimney breast, ensuring functionality without disrupting the visual flow.

Strategically placed spice racks offered both convenience and organization, demonstrating a keen attention to the practicalities of cooking. The thoughtful combination of these elements resulted in a kitchen that balanced traditional features with modern functionality, creating a space that was as inviting as it was efficient.

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